Three Milwaukee Officers Charged In Savage Beating


Three Milwaukee police officers were charged with felonies yesterday in a savage October beating outside a party that left some worried a code of silence might thwart justice, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The charges brought surprise that more off-duty officers from the party were not charged and that hate crimes were not among the offenses. The district attorney said he was not satisfied fully and said the investigation may add more defendants to the case.

The criminal complaint alleges disturbing new details about what Frank Jude Jr. endured on a street: A gun was put to his head and a knife to his throat. He was kicked in the groin and head repeatedly and had a pen jammed in his ears, all with on-duty officers present. His pants were cut off and his underwear removed. District Attorney E. Michael McCann said 10 off-duty officers were around the scene of the beating. In an unusual move, he named them all in the complaint. McCann previously said some officers refused to talk, to protect themselves or fellow officers.


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