Suspect Arrested In 31-Year Wichita “BTK” Killings


Dennis L. Rader, the man arrested as a suspect in Wichita’s “BTK” case, has confessed to some of the killings connected to the serial killer, the Associated Press reports. Sedgwick County, Ks., District Attorney Nola Foulston denied AP reports that there could be three more BTK victims, says the Wichita Eagle.

A judge set Rader’s bond at $10 million. He may make his first court appearance as early as today or Tuesday. Sources told The Eagle that investigators obtained DNA information from Rader’s daughter that implicates him. The pastor at Rader’s church said members of Rader’s family were devastated and had left the state. BTK, who gave himself the nickname for “bind, torture, kill,” has claimed responsibility for at least eight deaths in the Wichita area since 1974. After Foulston denied that the killer was responsible for additional victims, AP said investigators are “looking into” whether he was responsible for another three killings. At least one reportedly occurred after the restoration of the death penalty.


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