Oklahomans Seek Federal Law On Meth Ingredient


U.S. Representatives Dan Boren, a Democrat, and Tom Cole, a Republican, will press for federal legislation replicating Oklahoma’s successful law restricting the sale of certain cold medicines used to make illegal methamphetamine, reports the Associated Press. Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry signed the Oklahoma law last April, requiring that the sale of cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine be restricted to pharmacies. Cold sufferers are required to sign for medicine with the psuedoehpedrine in it, such as Sudafed.

Authorities credit the law with an 80 percent drop in meth lab seizures in some areas of the state. Henry said more than 20 other states are considering similar laws. “Nevertheless, the scourge of meth requires a nationwide effort,” he said. “Otherwise, we are giving methamphetamine makers and opportunity to make their poison in one state and simply peddle it in another state.”

Link: http://newsok.com/article/1431443/?template=home/main

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