Ex-Judge To Challenge Manhattan DA Morgenthau


Robert M. Morgenthau, 85, Manhattan’s district attorney for 30 years, is being challenged by former judge Leslie Crocker Snyder, nearly 63 and a rookie at running for public office, says the New York Times. Outside New York City, both of them are probably best known for their influence on the television series “Law & Order.” He was the model for the show’s original district attorney, Adam Schiff; she has appeared on the show as a judge and is one of its legal consultants.

Snyder plans to challenge Morgenthau in the Democratic primary in September, something he has not faced in 20 years. It is not clear that there is a groundswell of voter dissatisfaction with Morgenthau’s long regime, especially at a time of low crime in the city. Snyder would like to increase the office’s community involvement and leave some of Morgenthau’s white-collar crime cases to federal and state prosecutors; he says that his office is already deeply involved in community matters and that his white-collar crime cases are the ones that no one else is able or willing to take on.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/24/nyregion/24morgy.html?hp

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