Mob War Rages Amid ‘Renaissance’ in Naples, Italy


A vicious gang war is raging in the northern suburbs of Naples, Italy, as factions of the Camorra, the region’s version of the Mafia, battle for control of a multibillion-dollar illicit drug trade. An estimated 140 people were killed in gangland fighting last year in Naples, and the toll has accelerated in recent months, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The feud is centered in the suburbs of Scampia and Secondigliano, tense enclaves of high-rise housing projects that have come to symbolize the worst of urban alienation. For this once glorious but now troubled city, the violence could not be occurring at a worse time. In recent years, the city has invested millions of dollars to launch a much-trumpeted renaissance and shed its image as a crime-ridden place to avoid.


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