Corrections Yearbook To Close After 25 Years


The Corrections Yearbook, a 25-year-old annual publication listing key facts about state corrections facilities and programs, is ending publication, say George and Camille Camp of the Connecticut-based Criminal Justice Institute. In an e-mail message to customers, the Camps said that efforts to improve data collection to do a better job of comparing states “fell short of our expectations, as some state responders were confused with the new method and new instructions, requiring us to engage in an exhaustive call back and data cleaning process.” As a result, the Camps said they made the “very difficult decision to no longer publish the Corrections Yearbook.”

“This has been a terrifically useful resource over the years for looking at corrections,” said Eric Sterling of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, based in Washington, D.C. “At a time when corrections has grown so substantially in state and local budgets and when policymakers in many states are studying their sentencing and corrections policies, the loss of this annual comparative study is a genuine loss.”


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