Blacks Criticize Boston’s O’Toole Over Shakeup


A Massachusetts advocacy group for minority law enforcement officers has approved its first-ever “no confidence” vote against a police chief, questioning Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole’s commitment to promoting minority officers to positions of authority, says the Boston Globe. “Since her appointment, she has made many promotions, but each time a promotion takes place when minorities are in the mix, they are not in the position of authority, positions of influence, and this is a concern,” said Angela Williams-Mitchell, a Boston officer who heads the 22-year-old Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers.

The group took its position after O’Toole shookc up her command staff last week, reassigning Superintendent James M. Claiborne, the highest-ranking African-American officer, from commanding all uniformed officers to overseeing professional development, including the police academy. O’Toole said she was “somewhhat saddened” and “somewhat perplexed” by the group’s stand, adding, “I think I have a strong record as an advocate for civil rights and diversity.”


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