No Private-Public Prison Recidivism Gap: Study


Prisoners released from private and public prisons in Florida between 1995 and 2001 showed no significant differences in repeat criminality, concludes a new study. The report by William D. Bales, Laura E. Bedard, and Susan T. Quinn of Florida State University, and David T. Ensley and Glen P. Holley of the Florida Department of Corrections, appeared in the journal Criminology & Public Policy, published by the Ameridcan Society of Criminology.

The study disputed claims by private prison advocates that such facilities do better at steering inmates away from crime. The study did not examine the potential cost savings of private lockups. Gerald Gaes of the National Institute of Justice observed that, “we may eventually find that of all the causes for recidivism, what happens inside prison contributes only a small proportion to the outcome.” The article is not yet available online. Those who wish to see a PDF version should message


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