Sheriff Asked Aide To Spread Reporter’s DUI Info


Broward County, Fl., Sheriff Ken Jenne asked a subordinate to spread negative information about a Miami Herald reporter who exposed how his department allegedly falsified crime statistics, the Herald reports. Jenne, court papers show, handed the aide the booking and arrest records of Wanda DeMarzo, a Herald police reporter. DeMarzo said she had been arrested three times since 2000 on drunken-driving charges and convicted once, in 2001. DeMarzo said she has been sober for several years.

The disclosure came in a deposition by an executive assistant in the sheriff’s office to Broward prosecutors, who are investigating Jenne’s department. The assistant testified that Jenne wanted the reporter’s arrests “to be brought to the attention of the national media to embarrass The Herald.” DeMarzo’s reports have helped lead to changes at the sheriff’s office and culminated in the arrests of two deputies, charged with official misconduct for falsifying crime reports.


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