BTK Case — The Stuff Of Criminal Justice Classes?


The BTK serial killer investigation in Wichita, Ks., is being used as a teaching tool in college criminal justice courses around the country, says the Associated Press. The killer known as BTK –”Bind, Torture, Kill” – has been linked to eight unsolved killings from 1974 through 1986. BTK resurfaced last March with letters to Wichita media and police. “It’s a very compelling case,” said Volkan Topalli of the criminal justice department at Georgia State University in Atlanta. “There’s a lot of material to work with.” Topalli will touch on the case next semester during the serial-murder portion of his course on aggression and violence.

At Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, students in a forensics class are approaching the case much in the way that Wichita authorities have been investigating it since it first surfaced. Graduate student Jackie Hoehner is trying to recreate the crime scene and layout of the home where the serial killer struck first in 1974, strangling four members of the Otero family.


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