After Death, L.A. Still Studies Shooting Policy


As Los Angeles black leaders expressed anger over the death of a 13-year-old boy shot Sunday by a police officer, the Los Angeles Times says that Police Chief William Bratton sought to explain why the department hasn’t changed its policy on firing at moving vehicles, a year after he said it should be revised. “It takes a long time,” Bratton said, noting that the police department is considering policies from four agencies that would “potentially prohibit” officers from shooting at a moving vehicle.

Officer Steven Garcia, a 9-year veteran, fired 10 shots at Devin Brown, 13, who was driving a stolen 1990 Toyota Camry. Garcia, standing outside his police car, opened fire when Devin allegedly backed the Toyota toward the patrol unit. Black activists are upset over two other recent events: Prosecutors’ decision not to pursue charges against the LAPD officer who used a flashlight last year to beat a black car thief during an arrest; and a $1.6-million jury award to a former officer who was captured on videotape slamming a black teenager onto the trunk of a patrol car.


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