Antimeth Bills Provoke Controversy In Indiana


The meth crackdown is hitting Indiana: Hoosiers may have to show photo identification to buy certain cold medicines if legislators act on the growing drug problem that is filling jails and endangering children in Indiana, says the Indianapolis Star. “We’re not saying Grandma and Grandpa can’t go buy cold medicine,” said Rep. Trent Van Haaften, a member of the state’s meth abuse task force. “They’ll still be able to get it. In the end, this can be significant if we put it behind the pharmacy counter. That is what will make a difference.”

Retailers oppose the curbs, saying they will create pharmacy lines and eliminate a product for stores without pharmacies. They warn that meth makers could resort to identity theft if forced to show identification. Many consumers don’t want the inconvenience. “No, I don’t want to sign a log. I just want to go in a store and buy it,” said Karen Burke, 40, of Indianapolis. “Isn’t why they made it over the counter?” Jails are filling up with meth addicts. In Vigo County, officials estimate that 85 percent of inmates are accused of meth crimes. State police know of 219 children found near meth crimes in 2004. “It’s probably 10 times that many,” said Eric Lawrence of the state police drug lab.


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