Judge Chides Publicity-Seeking Bryant Case Lawyers


The Kobe Bryant civil case drags on in Denver, and U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch is annoyed. The Rocky Mountain News said Matsch cracked down yesterday on what he called publicity-seeking lawyers filing titillating, unnecessary documents. “The court is not involved in the entertainment business,” Matsch told the attorneys. A pregnant accuser Katelyn Faber attended the hearing with her husband. Faber has accused Bryant of raping her in 2003 at a Colorado resort where he was a guest and she was an employee. Bryant says the sex was consensual.

Matsch told lawyers that court filings must “not be a substitute for press releases.” He said lawyers shouldn’t attach copies of “scandalous and outrageous” news reports on the case, which then get “republished.” He ordered a prompt deposition of Bryant by Faber’s lawyers – an event delayed by disputes about what Bryant can be asked and other details. “I expect this case should get tried in the summer,” Matsch said. “This summer.”

Link: http://www.insidedenver.com/drmn/state/article/0,1299,DRMN_21_3519050,00.html

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