Denver DNA Matches Cite 35 Rape, Murder Suspects


Testing under an $893,976 federal grant has matched DNA to 35 suspected rapists and killers, says the Denver Post. “We’re looking for people who believe they got away with these crimes,” said District Attorney Mitch Morrissey. “We’re talking about the most violent cases in the city.”

In the year since the program began, no arrests have been made. But detectives are putting cases together against suspects, including two serial rapists and a serial killer. Police and crime analysts began a process in 1999 that could lead to solving homicides and rapes that go back 50 years or more. Denver’s laboratory was the first in Colorado to start loading DNA data gathered during rape and homicide investigations on the national Combined DNA Index System. The lab reviewed evidence from 1,900 sexual-assault cases to see whether there was enough biological evidence for DNA testing and found enough in 409 cases. Also found was enough biological evidence to conduct DNA tests in 56 homicide cases, including one from 1969.


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