“No Salute” Detroit Cop Trainees Are Punished


Twenty-six aspiring Detroit police officers are spending extra time at the training academy this week as punishment for faiing to salute Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings, says the Detroit Free Press. Detroit Police Department regulations call for uniformed cops, on specified occasions, to salute the mayor, members of the Board of Police Commissioners, and the chief. The visit to the garage was one such occasion. “The chief came into a room and no one came to attention,” said police spokesman James Tate. “The Detroit Police Department is a paramilitary organization. And if officers are not aware of the basic internal protocol, then how can they be expected to properly utilize the training that they have learned in the academy when interacting with the citizens of this city?”

Bully-Cummings ordered an extra week of training for the recruits. The Detroit Police Officers Association, which pushes for more cops on the streets, was livid. “It’s ludicrous,” said Paul Stewart, union vice president. “What’s the purpose of them staying another week in the academy when the citizens of the city of Detroit need help? Crime is rampant. We don’t need them in the academy standing at attention.”

Link: http://www.freep.com/news/locway/chief2e_20050202.htm

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