Az. Lays Plans For Methamphetamine Crackdown


Arizona is the latest state to launch a crackdown on methamphetamine ingredients. The Arizona Republic says that Attorney General Terry Goddard and state Rep. Tom O’Halleran proposed a plan to strictly regulate the sale of pseudoephedrine tablets. Consumers would have to show identification to a pharmacist to get the medicine. Gel caps, liquid forms, and some new products such as Sudafed PE, would still be available over the counter because they can’t be used to make the drug.

“This crisis is killing people and ruining lives all over Arizona,” said Goddard. The bill, which O’Halleran plans to introduce tomorrow, is modeled after an Oklahoma law, which officials credit with cutting the number of meth labs busted there by about 80 percent. Kathy Boyle of the Arizona Pharmacy Alliance, said the measure doesn’t address drugs from Mexico or the Internet and that it will inconvenience customers and overburden pharmacists.


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