Oklahoma Recruiting Veterans As Police Officers


Veterans aren’t likely to see anything on Oklahoma streets that they haven’t seen in Iraq or Afghanistan. That’s why they’re being recruited by state law enforcement, reports The Oklahoman. “You appreciate the soldiers who are out there,” said Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Pete Norwood, who’s on the patrol hiring board. The state is recruiting veterans at career fairs and at military transition offices, Norwood said. If two applicants receive similar scores and evaluations the veteran has the edge because of the military background.

Oklahoma City police Lt. Ron Hendricks was in the Air Force eight years before becoming a police officer in 1993. The experience “gave me some kind of an advantage over people who had come fresh off the street and hadn’t been in a situation like that before,” Hendricks said. “I find my job as a police officer less stressful than the job I was doing on my AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System plane).”

Link: http://newsok.com/article/1413332/?template=home/main

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