Spike TV Documentary: Boston Cops On, Off Duty


A new cable television series will explore the lives of Boston police officers, from the gripping to the mundane, says the Boston Globe. Producers from Spike TV have been in Boston for two months filming the daily routines of officers for a documentary of at least six one-hour episodes, scheduled to air this fall. The network, a subsidiary of MTV available in 87 million homes, bills itself as the first network for men and offers programs such as ultimate fighting, pro wrestling, and episodes of “Blind Date.” Police officials gave Spike TV access to a wide variety of officers on and off the job, on condition that officials get to see the final product before it airs. Two high-ranking police sources believe Spike TV promised the Police department the right to preview unedited footage so that anything compromising a case or embarrassing an officer can be cut.

The series, “Behind the Badge,” echoes “Boston 24/7,” a six-hour reality series about the lives of city workers that ABC broadcast. That series, which featured a homicide detective, drew dismal ratings. In this case, “We wanted to find a way to delve into their lives, beyond what happens on the streets,” said Keith Brown of Spike TV, a former producer at PBS, CBS News, and NBC News. “They’re putting in 14- to 18-hour days,” Brown said of the show’s producers. “We’ve been to cemeteries with children of officers who have died in the call of duty. It’s really intimate.”


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