Iowa Lawmakers Say Meth Regs Controversial


Conceding that proposals to restrict the sale of pseudoephedrine in Iowa are far more complicated and controversial than first thought, Iowa House members formed a bipartisan panel to examine the issue, the Des Moines Register reports. The panel will draft “fact-based” policy to reduce the number of toxic, clandestine methamphetamine labs across the state.

Today a Senate subcommittee plans its first hearing on a measure that would make pseudoephedrine a controlled substance, meaning that sales of cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine would be limited to pharmacies. Gov. Tom Vilsack and other state leaders have received input on the issue – from Iowans fed up with the meth problem, to law enforcement, to retailers and pharmacists, to dozens of lobbyists representing trade groups. Meth labs reached a record 1,400 last year in Iowa.


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