Az. Legislators Seek To Regulate Stun Guns


Arizona’s House Speaker and some colleagues are proposing to regulate stun guns, says the Arizona Republic. They argue that police should have the right to shoot and kill suspects who threaten them with stun guns. Their proposal would require stun-gun manufacturers to maintain a registry of stun-gun buyers who must provide a government-issued identification and an address before taking possession of the weapon. House Speaker Jim Weiers said the proposal seeks to head off abuse of a weapon that has been unregulated and is becoming more accessible to the public.

Attorney General Terry Goddard backs the legislation because it makes clear that while stun guns are “non-lethal,” they can be deadly in the wrong hands. Goddard wants to make sure anyone using a stun gun during a rape or robbery can be appropriately punished. “Under current law, a criminal might argue that a stun gun is a non-deadly, non-dangerous weapon, and if the court were to agree, the criminal would receive a lesser sentence,” he said. “I don’t want any criminal using a stun gun to be able to slip through that legal loophole.”


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