Del. Lawmakers Try To Prevent Early Releases


Members of the Delaware General Assembly reacted swiftly to news of a court decision that would make nearly 200 inmates serving life sentences eligible for release, the Delaware State News reports. The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to reverse the state Supreme Court decision. “The Supreme Court is not immune to error,” said House Majority Leader Rep. Wayne A. Smith. “They are human too.”

State Attorney General M. Jane Brady said Monday that a November high court ruling could free nearly 200 inmates incarcerated for murder, rape, and kidnapping. The decision declared a sentence illegal because it did not provide a conditional release date; the ruling affects only crimes committed before June 30, 1990. “I have severe doubts about the constitutionality of the bill,” said Rep. Robert Valihura, one of three attorneys serving in the legislature. “But I will support it because we have to do something. We can’t let hardened criminals be loosed upon society. If nothing else, we have bought ourselves some time.”


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