Miami Revises Taser Policy, Allows Use On Minors


The Miami-Dade Police Department has proposed revisions to its policy on electronically charged Tasers, says the Miami Herald. The revised policy asks officers to consider such factors as age and size, but does not ban the use of the electrically charged stun guns on minors. One county commissioner proposed a ban after reports that Tasers had been used on children as young as 6 and 12.

The new policy requires officers to gauge factors such as age, size, weight and the subject’s “ability to physically challenge the officer or or do harm to himself or others.” Officers may not use Tasers as a “tool of coercion, to intimidate an individual into compliance with simple requests or directives by an officer.” The proposal, submitted to County Manager George Burgess two weeks ago, was described by a police spokesperson as “still a work in progress.”


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