2 of 94 Cincy Shootings Lead To Jail Term


In Cincinnati’s most violent neighborhoods, 94 people were shot and wounded last year in robberies, drug deals and street disputes, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. That’s one gunshot victim every four days in District 1, less than five square miles near the city’s urban core. Only two of the gunmen ever went to jail.

While police confiscate increasing numbers of illegal guns, shootings continue and shooters slip away. On the most dangerous streets, people who shoot others are rarely caught, prosecutedor sent to jail, an Enquirer analysis of police and court records shows. Players often retaliate among themselves rather than cooperate with police. Law officers say suspects use money and drugs to bribe witnesses and even victims to forget everything they know. In some cases, today’s suspects become tomorrow’s victims – and the cycle starts over again. Police admit they spend very little time on some cases before closing them out as unsolvable and moving on to the next.

Link: http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050110/NEWS01/501100350

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