Boston’s Pre-Super Bowl Student Violence Crackdown


With the possibility of another Boston football victory looming, Mayor Thomas Menino and police officials say they trying to crack down on raucous student behavior that has been blamed for vandalism and violence after last year’s Super Bowl and Red Sox championships, says the Boston Globe. Meeting with university leaders yesterday, Menino and Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole said that under Operation Student Shield, police patrols across the city will enforce a zero-tolerance policy against problems like public drinking, vandalism, and loud parties.

The officials said they have asked courts to impose stiffer penalties on students who are arrested and are urging universities to aggressively discipline students who misbehave off campus, even if they are not officially charged. “Unless the school does something, the kids will be right back at it,” said police Captain William Evans, district commander in Allston and Brighton, who will advise university administrators citywide in disciplining students. “We can lock them up as much as we want, but the school needs to step up.” Menino said that by enforcing a citywide year-round policy that emphasizes tough penalties for bad behavior, the city can avoid most problems after big events, such as the Super Bowl. The Patriots begin another Super Bowl quest on Jan. 16.


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