Next NRA Chief Aims To Nix Group’s “Bubba” Image


Sandy Froman of Tucson takes over this spring as president of the National Rifle Association, a position once held by Hollywood legend Charlton Heston, the Arizona Republic reports. Froman aims to diversify membership and dispel the “myths of the NRA.” She said that, “The media wants to paint us all as a bunch of bubbas and rednecks, but it’s simply not true. The image of the NRA needs to be corrected. The stereotype needs to be debunked.”

Froman, 55, is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School. She didn’t own a gun until she was 32, a few weeks after a stranger tried to pick her lock in California. Since then, Froman has turned into an avid marksman and a fierce advocate for the Second Amendment. NRA member Jim Norton said she will usher in a new era for the group, silencing critics who paint it as radical or extreme. “She’s from Berkeley,” said Norton, co-chairman of Sportsmen for Bush in Arizona. “She’s not the person that the anti-gun people can easily pigeonhole. She’s extremely articulate and intelligent.”


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