What Makes A Good Officer Handling DWI Cases


Nate Benson, in three years with the Missouri Highway Patrol, has distinguished himself as a top DWI cop, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A middle-aged executive seemed irritated that the 29-year-old baby-faced state trooper was asking him to step out of his car. The man failed several field sobriety tests. “Do you really have to take it this far?” the man asked Benson. “Unfortunately, I do,” Benson replied. Benson has had this conversation a hundred times, with people who for one reason or another got behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink.

“I actually make my case on the field sobriety tests,” Benson said. “Whether or not someone takes the Breathalyzer isn’t my decision to make. Some people say it’s better to take it, other people say not to take it. They can refuse if they want to.” Benson adds: “They say the way you’re trained is important in determining what you concentrate on when you’re actually out in the field, and my training officer stressed DUI arrests. He just told me how many accidents it causes and how getting drunk people off the road helped.”

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