Denver Homicide Total May Reach A Record High


Homicides increased nearly 50 percent in Denver this year, closing in on 1980’s all-time high of 108 homicides, says the Denver Post. There is no common thread, such as gangs, drugs, or handgun violence, that can explain the increase, police say. Last year, 63 people were killed in Denver. “We’ve had a lot of stuff this year that you don’t even get in movie scripts,” said homicide Chief David Fisher. This year, fewer than half of the homicides involved handguns. Only 15 percent were gang-related. Eight people died in domestic homicides.

Eight homeless people were targets. Fourteen women were considered murder suspects. A grandfather is suspected of shooting his grandson. A brother is accused of stabbing his brother. In one month, three dead babies were found discarded as trash. Some cities of similar size are having a bloodier year. There were 273 homicides in Baltimore, which has a population of 650,000; and 116 in Memphis, Tenn., where the population is also 650,000. Denver’s population is about 557,000. It’s difficult or nearly impossible to develop a prevention strategy when the reasons behind the homicides in Denver run the gamut, said one official.


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