Chicago Cops Take Credit For Sharp Homicide Drop


Chicago recorded historic crime reductions this year, says the Chicago Tribune. The most noticeable reduction is a nearly 25 percent drop in homicides. There have been 445, down from 590 at this time last year. Chicago Police Superintendent Philip Cline expects the total to be the lowest since 1965, when there were 395. Last year, there were 600. Cline said, “We have better targeted our resources to where they are needed most.” He added: “We can’t become complacent. We’ve had 445 homicides this year. Those victims’ families are not rejoicing today when they hear that we’re down 145 homicides.”

Cline mentioned highly visible surveillance cameras and doubling the department’s gang-intelligence units. The two biggest deterrents were the Deployment Operations Center and the Targeted Response Unit, he said. With the drop in homicides and other violent crime, Cline made good on a goal set by Mayor Richard Daley. After the city led the nation in homicides last year, Cline said the mayor wanted to drop that dubious distinction.


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