Girl Gang Violence Alarms Authorities In D.C.


The Knockout Honies and the Most Wanted Honeyz are girl gangs, the Washington, D.C.’s largest, with about 200 members between them, according to the Washington Post. Girl gangs have been on the rise for several years various cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. No one has been killed in Washington’s girl gang confrontations, but an escalation of gang-related violence has officials alarmed about the possibility, particularly during the current school holiday break.

“Everything that is going on in the city is with the girls,” said Bridget Miller, a contractor hired by the D.C. schools as a supervisor with the Youth Gang Task Force. Miller, 39, a self-described “former knucklehead,” or troublemaker, from Virginia, counsels students in Washington and a nearby Maryland county. She said there are now at least 35 girl gangs in Washington. The Knockout Honies and the Most Wanted Honeyz exemplify the challenges facing officials, as most of their fights occur after school, on street corners and outside nightclubs and out of sight of adults.


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