Schiraldi To Head D.C. Juvenile Justice Program


Vincent Schiraldi, a longtime criminal justice reform advocate, has been named director of Washington, D.C.’s troubled Youth Services Administration. One of his challenges, reports the Associated Press, will be the Oak Hill youth facility, which the city is working to close. Oak Hill, located in Laurel, Md., has a history of problems. A report this year by the D.C. Office of Inspector General found many problems there, including marijuana and PCP being regularly smuggled in. The report also cited potential fire hazards and a lack of procedures and staff to handle an escape.

“I’m not daunted by the problems that I’m facing,” Schiraldi said. “You build on the strengths of what you find.” Schiraldi is executive director of the Washington-based Justice Policy Institute, a nonprofit group that works to reduce prison populations. Schiraldi starts his new job Jan. 24.


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