Amber Alert Confusion Prompts Ct. Reforms


Miscommunication between police and frantic Connecticut state social workers caused a two-hour delay in alerting the public to the abduction of three young children, the Hartford Courant says. The delay raised concerns about the Amber Alert system; Gov. M. Jodi Rell called for immediate training bulletins to state workers to make sure they know how to activate the system properly. The children, ages 3, 4, and 5, were snatched by their father during a supervised visit at the state office Tuesday.

State social workers called 911 and asked police to broadcast an alert. An hour later they found out that they had to call state police instead. It took another hour for state police to verify details surrounding the abduction and broadcast it to the public. It was only the second activation of the Amber Alert system since its creation in 2002. Rell also ordered tightened security in state offices and a reconsideration of the use of unarmed security guards. At least one unarmed security guard and three social workers were unable to stop Jeffrey Yeaw from walking out with his children and fleeing in his car. The children were recovered unharmed about seven hours after the were taken.


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