Az. Cops Want Citizens To Post Bad Driving Cases


Some Phoenix police officers want citizens to post information about bad drivers on the Internet, the Arizona Republic reports. Insurance industry officials and others worry that innocent motorists will be tagged in the process. The program is the brainchild of Lt. Mark Hafkey, founder of the Safe Driving Institute ( The Web-based business attempts to hold dangerous drivers accountable for their actions on the road. The target is the kind of driver that “speeds by at Mach 10 and cuts you off,” the kind that could incite road rage, Hafkey said. The program asks motorists to document bad driving by filling out an online form, listing the time, location, the perceived infraction and license plate. The complaint goes into a database that can be viewed by paying members. Hafkey, who works in Phoenix police’s Community and Patrol Services division, imagined the site while working as a traffic sergeant, and he invited other officers to join him.

James Frederikson, executive director of the Arizona Insurance Information Association, said, “There are a lot of questions that need answers. The error rate in correctly writing down the license plate number may lead to incomplete data, it may lead to incorrect data and it may create a safety concern.” Said Erin Klug of the Arizona Department of Insurance: “If someone goes on there and anonymously reports that the person was driving erratically, you don’t know if that person was actually doing that. Someone could just go on there if they were mad at their neighbor.”


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