Murderer Talks to Ill. Paper, but Is It a True Confession?


Joe Miller, a six-time convicted murderer, has confessed to several more slayings in a series of interviews with the Daily Herald of suburban Chicago, including one four-hour videotaped session. But police, prosecutors and the paper itself say they can’t be sure that Miller is telling the truth. Reporter Dave Orrick tells Crime & Justice News that the case prompted newsroom discussions about standards and ethics since Miller’s statements may be nothing more than a grab for attention.

In the spring of 1993, Miller had just finished a prison sentence for murdering two Chicago women. That summer, Miller began his second series of raping and killing young women. Two women, Stacey Morrison and Valarie Sloan, disappeared during that time frame and have never been found. They are still classified as missing, but Miller tells the paper that he killed Sloan and Morrison. He says he is talking to clear his conscience. Authorities question the 59-year-old’s motives. They say he’s led them down false roads before and will try to manipulate people for attention.


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