No Charge In Denver Cop Shooting; Feds Check Case


A Denver grand jury refused to indict police officer Ranjan Ford Jr. in the controversial fatal shooting of an unarmed man in July. Frank Lobato, 63, who was bedridden, was shot once in the chest while holding a soda can, which investigators said Ford likely mistook for a weapon, the Denver Post reports. Officers had climbed a ladder and gone through a window into his home while looking for his nephew in connection with a domestic-violence case.

The shooting outraged many in the community and sparked protests and calls for Ford’s badge. Lobato’s family called the decision “despicable” and said it “slaps his spirit in the face.” The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office in Denver will review the case, and the U.S. Justice Department’s civil-rights division is studying whether to investigate the police department’s lethal-force policies. The Lobato case marked the first time District Attorney Bill Ritter went to a grand jury in the 38 fatal police shootings during his tenure. Ritter said the circumstances of this case differed from other police shootings.


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