Ex-Wy. Cop Blasts ABC Coverage Of Shepard Murder


Retired Laramie, Wy., Police Chief Dave O’Malley is unhappy about ABC’s “20/20” coverage of the Matthew Shepard murder case, says the Laramie (Wy.) Boomerang. “Only three people know what really happened that night,” said O'Malley. “One of them is dead and the other two are known liars and convicted felons – murderers.” O’Malley expressed surprise that “a production as popular as 20/20 would hinge all of their support for their theory on meth addicts, Doc O'Connor and two convicted murderers.” O’Malley said ABC employees left copies of e-mails after interviewing him indicating that the program’s “pre-conceived focus that this was not a hate crime. This was a drug crime.”

On 20/20, O'Malley said that he believed that Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, the two men convicted in Shepard's death, intended to rob the University of Wyoming student. For reasons only McKinney and Henderson know, something happened and the killing became a hate crime based on Shepard's sexual orientation. The Boomerang story gave no indication of having sought a comment from ABC.

Link: http://www.laramieboomerang.com/news/more.asp?StoryID=102392

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