Troubles Continue For Balt. Mayor Who Fired Chief


In Baltimore, with homicides approaching 300 for the year and schools in turmoil, Martin O’Malley figured he could cut his losses on at least one front, says the Baltimore Sun. He fired his police commissioner – his third – who had been dogged by a domestic dispute, and put in his place a popular hometown cop. The bad news kept coming. The new commissioner has a questionable bankruptcy in his past. And the old one isn’t going quietly, filing a lawsuit that made salty mayoral e-mails public and claimed that O’Malley was meddling in an investigation and shielding a Cabinet member who had pornography on his city computer.

Clark, the mayor’s third police chief, was fired Nov. 10 amid controversy stemming from the domestic dispute with his fiancee in May. Leonard Hamm, O’Malley’s acting commissioner, filed for bankruptcy in 1997 without alerting the court to a big pay raise he received about a week afterward. Despite the rise in homicides, the city says that overall violent crime is down sharply.


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