Worker at Md. DNA Lab Fired for Falsifying Tests


Orchid Cellmark, a Maryland-based laboratory that has analyzed DNA for such high-profile cases as the O.J. Simpson trial and the JonBenet Ramsey murder, has fired an analyst for allegedly falsifying test data in at least 20 instances, setting off a scramble by defense attorneys to review evidence in the affected cases. Many of the cases were performed for the Los Angeles Police Department, although some were done for the FBI, reports the Baltimore Sun.

The paper reported that Cellmark fired DNA analyst Sarah Blair for “professional misconduct” after discovering that she apparently substituted data for some control samples. Blair denied the allegations in an interview with the Sun. Cellmark, a pioneer in its field, is the world’s largest private DNA testing firm, with labs in Germantown, Md., Dallas, Nashville and Britain. The company said it is investigating other cases that Blair worked on.


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