S.C. Cop Who Used Taser On Woman, 75, Keeps Job


A Rock Hill, S.C., police officer should have tried another restraint technique before she used an electric stun gun on a 75-year-old woman last month, Police Chief John Gregory said Wednesday. But he said the officer, Hattie Macon, 35, will remain on the force and no charges will be filed against her, reports the Rock Hill Herald.

Macon used the Taser on elderly Margaret Kimbrell on Oct. 15 at a retirement home where Kimbrell had gone to visit an ailing friend. According to police, Kimbrell refused several orders to leave the building, then jerked her arms away as Macon tried to escort her out and later swung her arm at Macon’s face. That’s when Macon used the Taser. Kimbrell, who said she suffered bruises on her leg and face after being knocked to the floor by the force of the device, denied that she swung her arms at Macon. She was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest.

Link: http://www.heraldonline.com/local/breaking_news/story/4187404p-3974678c.html

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