Complaints Against Wa. Mom Eyed in Child Deaths


Washington State’s Child Protective Services is scrambling to determine if it mishandled a child-neglect complaint in February against a Kent mother now accused of letting two of her children die of thirst and starvation, reports the Seattle Times. Marie G. Robinson was shaking and crying during her first appearance in King County District Court yesterday on suspicion of two counts of second- degree murder and one count of child maltreatment. According to Kent, Wash., police, Justice Robinson, 16 months, and Raiden Robinson, 6 weeks, likely were dead for several days before their father and paternal grandmother, who had knocked on their door and received no answer, called police Sunday. Police found the boys’ emaciated bodies in an apartment littered with trash and empty beer cans. A third child, age 2-½, was found alive but also emaciated.

The agency received at least four complaints about Robinson’s parenting since September 2002. Two were considered not serious enough to investigate. One was investigated in October 2003 and found to be unsubstantiated. CPS yesterday declined to specify what the complaints against Robinson were. Some records of those investigations are missing, and the CPS is investigating why. According to CPS sources, the February complaint concerned a lack of food in Robinson’s home.


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