Most Common Forms of Terrorism Are Homegrown


Since Sept. 11, the nation’s attention has been focused on possible threats from Islamic terrorists. But home-grown terrorists have been steadily plotting and carrying out attacks in unrelated incidents across the nation, according to federal authorities and two organizations that monitor hate groups. None of the incidents over the past few years matched the devastation of 9/11 or even the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, which killed 168 and remains the deadliest act of terrorism against the nation by a U.S. citizen. But some of the alleged domestic terrorists who have been arrested had ambitious plans, reports USA Today.

The people and groups range from white supremacists, anti-government types and militia members to eco-terrorists and people who hate corporations. They include violent anti-abortionists and black and brown nationalists who envision a separate state for blacks and Latinos. And they have been busy. The FBI said in June that eco-terrorism – acts of violence, sabotage or property damage motivated by concern for animals or the environment – was the nation’s top domestic terrorism threat. The bureau said then that eco- terrorists had committed more than 1,100 criminal acts and caused property damage estimated at least $110 million since 1976.


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