Trials Raise Curtain on Philadelphia’s ‘Evil, Stupid’ Thug Life


Across the Schuylkill River from downtown Philadelphia, drug gangsters ruled the streets with a terrifying mix of evil and stupidity, reports the city’s Daily News. Gang soldiers murdered rival dealers in broad daylight. They executed a mother and father in front of their young child. They coolly dumped corpses in the river. Finally, after the streets of Mantua flowed red for about three years, cops rounded up the gunslingers, exposing the gang for breaking a murder rule that even the goofiest TV killer knows to heed: throw away the murder weapon.

These gangsters hung on to their $500 Sig Sauers. and now those guns are key evidence as death penalty murder trials begin for the accused killers. The first in the series of trials just ended when a Common Pleas jury couldn’t reach a verdict. Six other accused killers await trials scheduled to begin over the next few months and three more made deals with prosecutors. In the calm of the courtroom, the bloody stories of these Philadelphia criminals are chilling. Young, fearless and short-sighted, they lived and died for their drug corners and crack deals. No life was sacred. No loyalty was forever. And no one was a better friend than a Sig Sauer.


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