Now Here’s a Police Car, Italian Style


The Italian highway police have a new patrol car that might just stop traffic: a Lamborghini Gallardo that reaches 100 mph in a few seconds, enroute to a top speed of 190 mph. They swear it is serious police gear, not a toy, reports the New York Times. But police officials could not mask a smile as they displayed the sports car for reporters near Rome this week. With a slim aerodynamic siren and sleek blue paint job, it was presented as a perfect tool to foil the famously fast and anarchic Italian drivers.

Few make the case that the highway police need a Lamborghini. But in a nation crazed with car racing (see: Ferrari), and where engine revving at normal stoplights can feel like the start of an urban rally, few would say they do not need one either. Certainly not the police. “Some people from Lamborghini had spoken with the police administration about the idea,” said Sergio Fontana, a Lamborghini spokesman. “They said, ‘Why don’t you have a Gallardo for the highway police?’ And the police chiefs said, ‘Why not?’ It is very good for the image of the police and for the image of Lamborghini around the world.” The car, valued at $165,000 before the police gear was added, was donated by Lamborghini.


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