After 19 Years, DNA Evidence Frees Utah Murder Convict


Wearing a grin on his face and a brown sweater borrowed from his attorney, Bruce Dallas Goodman walked out of the Utah State Prison on Tuesday, some 19 years after he was convicted for murder. DNA evidence tests placed two other men at the scene of the 1984 rape and murder of Goodman’s then-girlfriend, Sherry Williams, 21, reported the Deseret News. “I’m just glad it’s over, you know what I mean?” Goodman, 54, said to reporters outside the warden’s office.

His attorney, Jensie Anderson, president of the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, had worked more than two years on Goodman’s case. The Utah Attorney General’s Office and the Beaver County prosecutors agreed DNA tests were compelling enough to reconsider Goodman’s conviction and probably presented a significant challenge if the case were retried. The presence of DNA evidence would likely create enough reasonable doubt in the eyes of a jury, Beaver County prosecutor Von Christiansen said. He said, “They all watch CSI, right?”


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