Louisville Shootings Prompt Demands For Curfew


More than a half-dozen shootings over the last four days has Louisville Metro Police increasing patrols and some West End residents calling for a curfew. The spate of what police say are unrelated shootings prompted vigils and marches yesterday in western Louisville, while officials called on residents to help police stop the violence. The Louisville African American Think Tank urged Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson and Police Chief Robert White for an emergency curfew in the area of the shootings for two or three weeks. Under the proposal, youths ages 13 to 20 would have to be inside by 8 p.m. “Something has to happen,” said the Rev. Gerome Sutton, the think tank’s executive director. “We cannot continue to go on as usual. The usual has given us death after death and violence after violence.”

White and an Abramson spokesman said their focus is to increase police patrols in areas where the shootings have occurred, while continuing to appeal to residents to come forward with information about the crimes. “Probably more important than weeding out the criminal element is what you do to keep it out,” White said. “The only way that we can have any real long-term effect is to really galvanize the community.” Friday night’s shootings brought the number of slayings in metro Louisville to five since Wednesday – and the number of homicides this year to 58.

Link: http://www.courier-journal.com/localnews/2004/11/07ky/A1-murder1107-10168.html

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