Undercover Nashville Cops To Hit The Interstates


Undercover Nashville police officers will be patrolling interstate routes looking for aggressive drivers – those who combine more than one dangerous behavior such as driving 20 to 30 mph over the speed limit, making improper lane shifts and tailgating, the Tennessean reports. Motorists know aggressive driving when they see it, said Police Chief Ronal Serpas said. It’s when another driver “scares you and makes your heart skip a beat.”

Serpas would not disclose the number of undercover cars outfitted with high-tech equipment or how many officers will be assigned to the new full-time duty. Each car will be outfitted with front and rear radar and video recording equipment. “When they see the behaviors they’re looking for, the cues they’re looking for, they’ll film them to get all the behavior on tape to show a judge,” Serpas said. The new team will be financed, in part, by the department’s $900,000 grant this year from the state. Federal funds paid for cars and equipment, but the department is paying the officers’ salaries. The teams will concentrate their efforts on trucks and other motorists traveling at high speeds, particularly in construction zones.

Link: http://www.tennessean.com/local/archives/04/11/60816219.shtml?Element_ID=60816219

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