In. Sex Offender Home Wants Public Charter School


An Indianapolis group home for young sex offenders wants permission from Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson to open a public charter school, says the Indianapolis Star. Only a handful of such charter schools have been tried around the nation. Backers acknowledge it’s unlikely kids from outside the treatment center will enroll. Creating the school, called the Resolute Charter Academy, would the center more control over the education its patients receive and allow it to tap into state funding to run the school.

Last spring, Indianapolis officials and charter board members visited a Florida program that is the model for the proposals. Some parents question whether Resolute is able and qualified to move into the education business. Resolute is a 76-bed center for male sex offenders ages 12-20. Placement is made by courts or child welfare officials. Children stay six to 12 months on average. Critics say the center already keeps patients longer than necessary in an effort to bring in more money. The program charges taxpayers about $300 a day from state Medicaid funds for each child.


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