Alaska Strongly Rejects Pot Legalization Measure


A massive spending campaign by advocates of legalized marijuana in Alaska failed to convince voters, the Anchorage Daily News reports. With about 82 percent of precincts reporting, voters rejected by a crushing margin the notion that pot should be legal for adults 21 and older to possess, grow, buy, or give away. Backers of Ballot Measure 2 spent huge sums making their case in print and broadcast media, vastly outspending foes.

The proposal, which would have allowed for state regulation and taxation of pot, did not appear to be doing better than a similar but more ambitious initiative in 2000. Measure 2 was believed to have a better chance because it asked less of voters than the one in 2000. Alaska voters leaving the polls Tuesday cited everything from the state's substance abuse problems to fears about stoned drivers or sending a mixed message to kids as reasons why they voted against the measure.


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