Was NY Mets Reliever Pitching for the Mob?


John Franco, who has been a “go-to-guy” during his 14 years as a relief pitcher for the New York Mets, has also long been a go-to-guy for mobsters looking for free tickets to Mets games, reports Ganglandnews.com. Despite strict prohibitions by Major League Baseball against associating with organized crime figures, Franco has had a long, chummy relationship with members of the Bonanno family, according to FBI documents obtained by the website.

Over the years, Franco has given Bonanno wiseguys complimentary tickets to Mets games – both home and away – as well as special passes to visit with the Brooklyn-born Franco in the Mets' clubhouse before games, according to law enforcement and other sources. The onetime standout reliever, who has appeared in 695 games for the Mets, has not been implicated in any criminal activity.

Link: http://www.ganglandnews.com/column.htm

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