A Cop’s Challenge: How To Tackle A Naked Guy


An Atlanta-area patrol officer got a call about a suspected drunk driver, says Police Detective Steve Rose in his column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The motorist said he had just smoked marijuana, refused an order to get back into his car, pulled the belt off his pants, and held it up in a defensive posture. The officer ordered the man to put the belt on the ground. “The man complied, then somewhat over-complied by taking all his clothes off,” Rose says. “The officer called for an additional squad car. (We always call for backup when people get into a naked state without permission.)”

Because the car was running and there was the threat of a naked man driving it away, Rose says, “once again a police officer was faced with a decision that all police officers know may come at some time in their career. Whether or how to tackle a naked guy. I’m a survivor of a naked-guy tackling and luckily, with a lot of therapy, I’ve recovered to lead a rather semi-abnormal life.” Rose’s column humorously discusses the challenges of tackling naked guys.

Link: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/crimewatch/index.html

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