Report On AWOL Ma. US Marshal Checked By Justice


The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the work habits of Anthony Dichio, U.S. marshal for Massachusetts, after the Boston Globe reported that Dichio rarely put in a full day of work during 10 recent days when reporters trailed him. The Globe reported that Dichio, a former state trooper with strong Republican connections, was frequently absent from his office at the federal courthouse in Boston. Reporters observed him repeatedly leaving work early and doing errands near his home in Westford, 36 miles from the office. On two of the 10 days reporters observed him, he did not go to work at all; on another dayshe worked 3 hours and 1 minute. Timesheets on all 10 days credited him with a full eight hours of work each day. William Young, chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Boston, asked for a report on Dichio, 44, who is paid $129,000 a year.

Dichio did not dispute the Globe’s accounting of the number of hours he spent at work during the days he was under surveillance. He did take issue with the Globe story characterizing him as driving his government-issued sport utility vehicle at speeds exceeding 85 miles per hour on local highways and also contended he is entitled to use the vehicle for personal errands, as long as he is within 5 miles of his home.


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